How we give back

Hi, my name is Dexter and I love cheese.

I’m a 5 year old Pomeranian and I live in Philadelphia. I have a pretty good life and I get to sleep, play and eat cheese (my favorite thing) whenever I’d like. As I get older, I realize that not all of my “buddies” have it as good as me, so I started The Buddies Foundation to raise donations for animal shelters and rescue groups throughout the world.

For every “like” that I receive on my #dextergivesback tagged Instagram photos, I’ve asked my humans to donate 10 cents (out of my cheese budget) to a group that helps feed, shelter and protect my furry friends.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@dexterthepom) and thank you for your support!

Where we're giving back

Dexter is always looking for new rescue groups in need of help. Here are a few great organizations that we love to support.

Contact Dexter

Drop Dexter a line and he'll respond faster than he runs to a block of cheese.